Raue is one of the leading German law firms in the energy and climate protection sector. We advise our clients on all matters governed by energy law and anti-trust law, as well as on questions of commercial and corporate law, procurement law, and public law. Our clients entrust us with representing them in landmark proceedings before courts of law and arbitral tribunals. One particular focus of our work lies on the development, negotiation, and realization of national and international energy infrastructure projects, and on acquisitions in this field. The advice we provide on policy-related and regulatory issues is integral to our services: We advise enterprises, trade associations, ministries, and government authorities on structuring the regulatory framework for the energy markets. We have an in-depth understanding of the energy markets and of the relevant technological developments. Additionally, we are counted among the most renowned teams in Germany in the field of climate change law and emissions trading.

Focus areas

Market regulation

  • Grid access and grid connection issues, grid fee regulation
  • Concession law
  • Trade regulation (REMIT, EMIR etc.)
  • Financial regulatory support for energy trading companies

Renewable energies and hydrogen

  • Comprehensive advice on support mechanisms for sustainable power generation
  • Support for electrolysis infrastructure projects

Climate protection

  • Advising energy and industrial companies on EU emissions trading and other international and national systems for trading emission certificates and other sustainability mechanisms
  • Development of model and framework agreements for trading in different types of certificates
  • Climate Litigation
  • E-mobility, smart cities and smart metering

Infrastructure projects

  • Development of power plant projects and renewable energy and storage projects
  • Pipeline projects
  • Approval and planning approval procedures according to BImSchG, EnWG, BBergG, WindSeeG
  • Plant construction and operation management contracts

Trade and distribution

  • Fuel and energy supply contracts
  • Price revision negotiations
  • Energy and energy derivatives trading


  • Litigation in all energy industry disputes before state courts and arbitration tribunals (ad hoc and institutional)

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Mergers and acquisitions in the energy sector
  • Privatisation and remunicipalisation of energy utilities
  • Conception of joint projects / joint ventures


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  • Best Lawyers® 2022 Law Firm of the Year – Energy Law”
  • Law Firm of the Year for Energy Law, JUVE Handbook 2020/2021
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  • Recommended for Energy Law, JUVE Handbook 2019/2020
  • “Strong regulatory team that frequently represents utilities in litigation and arbitration cases, and before the Federal Network Agency.” Chambers Europe 2019
  • “Their authority and subject knowledge in the area we needed impressed me, also the integrity, and the whole way of presenting themselves. Their passion was above all the thing that came across. They really put their heart and soul into it.“ Client/Competitor, Chambers Europe 2019
  • “What I especially value is the broad positioning in the area of energy law. There has been some discontinuity in the law and so the breadth of knowledge is really helpful.“ Client/Competitor, Chambers Europe 2019
  • Recommended law firm for Energy Law, JUVE Handbook 2017/2018
  • Ranked for Energy: Regulatory in Germany, Chambers Europe 2018
  • “Strong regulatory team that frequently represents utilities in litigation and arbitration cases, and before the Federal Network Agency.” Chambers Europe 2018
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  • “Law Firm of the Year 2016 for energy law” by the publishers of the monthly industry magazine “Rechtsmarkt,” JUVE, the leading publishing firm in the market
  • “Strong contentious team”, Chambers Europe 2017
  • “Very reactive while always remaining accurate and precise.“ Client, Chambers Europe 2017
  • “They are pragmatic, and provide real advice without long disclaimers.“ Client, Chambers Europe 2017
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  • “A remarkable understanding of legal, economic and technical aspects of projects” Clients/Competitors, Legal 500 EMEA 2016
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  • “Well known for its expertise in regulatory matters, and often mandated for regulatory disputes involving the renewables sector.” Chambers Europe 2015