Raue is renowned for the advice it provides to major architecture firms and for the representation of these firms in court. Amongst our clients are many of the leading German architects. We also advise a large number of foreign firms on their projects in Germany.

Our clients can count on our support regarding all legal matters pertaining to their profession and during all phases of their projects. Our comprehensive and broad experience with all aspects of their planning work and with the requirements they must meet result in a deep understanding of the framework conditions within which our clients pursue their activities. This is the basis on which we contribute our legal Expertise. Our advice will be prompt, sensible, and practical – we know how planning work is done and what economic ramifications the (legal) issues concerned may have. In other words, our services reflect the entrepreneurial needs of our clients. Our decades of experience allow us to recognize typical risks of conflicts early on, and to develop – if needed – unconventional solutions. Using these approaches, we have often been able to influence legal developments to the benefit of our clients.

Focus areas

  • Establishment of architecture firms; corporate governance in architecture firms; legal framework of project-related cooperation
  • Support in competitions and tendering procedures
  • Organization of large teams in major projects (particularly for purposes of general planning projects and/or projects entailing collaboration with partners abroad)
  • Legal advice during ongoing planning processes
  • Securing the payment of remuneration and fees
  • Copyright protection of the work created
  • Insurance issues; settlement of liability cases in particular where a large number of parties is involved