azur Awards: Raue Nominated for “Regional Employer”

Raue has been nominated for the “Regional Employer” award by the azur editorial team of the JUVE magazine. This award takes into account the regional roots of a law firm and its importance for a regional job market. The azur editorial team considers a law firm’s top marks in the azur surveys as well as special commitment to training and career entry when nominating law firms for an award.
“We are delighted about the nomination and look forward to the award ceremony. This award particularly takes into account our leading regional position in the highly competitive applicant market in Berlin,” comments Dr. Justus Schmidt-Ott, recruitment partner at Raue, on the announcement of the azur nominations.

Every year, the azur editorial staff of the legal magazine JUVE presents an award in three categories: career advancement, innovation and employer region. This year, almost 4,000 lawyers in law firms and companies gave feedback on their employers and almost 1,500 prospective lawyers gave their opinions from an applicant’s point of view. From this feedback and interviews with legal employers, the editorial team compiled the nominations.

The azur awards will be presented on 5 March 2020 in Cologne.

(17 December 2019)