Pro Bono

Raue encourages its partners and associates to use their skills for the common good and to help individuals in particular need of assistance, also without remuneration. Our professional attitude as attorneys is underpinned by our willingness to give back to our communities, and we foster the pro-bono activities our attorneys pursue. This means that wherever we serve a client pro bono, our work will meet the same high standards that apply to any other services we provide. We are willing to lend support to those in need who would otherwise not be able to afford adequate legal advice, and whose cause convinces us that our work will contribute to the good of the community.

Our firm is a founding member of Pro Bono Deutschland e.V., the first German association of leading corporate law firms promoting pro-bono legal advice and encouraging attorneys to volunteer their services. Our partner Prof. Dr. Jan Hegemann is a member of the Pro Bono Council of PILnet  (The Global Network for Public Interest Law), a global network promoting the practice of law towards the goal of achieving a society in which justice is delivered und human rights are protected.

Recent pro-bono projects that our partners and associates have been involved in include:

  • Advising the non-profit organization HiMate! gUG on its establishment and coordination with the tax office. The HiMate! gUG is dedicated to the integration of refugees in Germany by bringing refugees and locals together at a variety of different events to support cultural exchange.
  • Advising the charitable organization Rollenfang e.V. on its formation and on trademark matters;
  • Advising Terra Concordia on its establishment as a non-profit company formed by entrepreneurs. Terra Concordia is dedicated to the protection of the environment and nature conservation, rural preservation, and to educating the general public on the subject of botany;
  • Ongoing legal advice provided to Vincentino e.V., an organization advocating educational projects at schools in order to afford socially disadvantaged children with the opportunity to experience art and culture;
  • Support in matters of the laws governing associations provided to a Berlin project seeking to establish a center for interreligious dialogue at the former airfield Tempelhofer Feld;
  • Advising the German Literature Archive of Marbach on the purchase of a number of Kafka letters, while also structuring the agreement with the Bodleian Library on how access is to be provided to these letters and their exhibition;
  • Advising Festspielhaus Afrika project in Burkina Faso, initiated by the late Christoph Schlingensief, regarding all legal matters;
  • Advising a charitable association representing German thalidomide victims, Bund Contergangeschädigter und Grünenthalopfer e.V (BCG), on its dispute with the manufacturer of the drug “Contergan;”
  • Advising numerous charitable associations pursuing a range of activities, such as sustainable development in Africa (KAITE – Verein zur Förderung nachhaltiger Entwicklung in Simbabwe e.V.) or the protection of architectural heritage (Internationale Bauakademie e.V. für den Wiederaufbau der Schinkelschen Bauakademie).