Raue Is Awarding the »Peter Raue Preis« for the First Time

The commercial law firm Raue is awarding the “Peter Raue Preis” for the first time. Winner is the Berlin project Hangarmusik. The Peter Raue Preis, endowed with 10.000 euros, supports individuals or institutions who set an outstanding example of social, civic or cultural commitment and who use the prize money for these purposes.

“The Peter Raue Preis picks up on the values, the vigor and the enthusiasm of our namesake partner Peter Raue. The annual award also is an expression of our gratitude to him”, announced Dr. Wolfram Hertel, managing partner at Raue. “The choice of name for this award pays tribute to his outstanding involvement as a citizen of the city of Berlin, as a lawyer and as a promoter of the arts and the common welfare”.

The project Hangarmusik, winner of the year 2021, is dedicated to the social integration of refugees and enables children as well as young people to play orchestral music without previous musical knowledge. Originally set up for children who came from the European hotspot refugee camp VIAL to the hangars of Tempelhof Berlin Airport since 2016, the project also has become active on the Greek island of Chios in 2021. Hangar music succeeds in transforming children and young people who suffer from trauma and difficult living conditions as refugees into joyful and laughing young people who discover their musicality. At the same time, a sense of community and social responsibility arise.

The projects “blu:boks BERLIN” and “Musik-hilft-Berlin”, a project of the Berlin Citizen Foundation (Bürgerstiftung Berlin), were also shortlisted. The blu:boks BERLIN project is a social-cultural organization headquartered in Berlin-Lichtenberg that supports young people’s creative talents to develop and strengthen their self-esteem. The initiative Musik-hilft-Berlin organizes onsite concerts with musicians from Berlin for people who cannot participate in art and culture – especially for residents of retirement homes. As a special recognition, the Raue law firm has decided to support these two projects with additional 2.000 euros each.

The annual award winner is chosen from three nominees by the firm’s partners. A five-member award committee, composed of lawyers and staff at all levels, is responsible for the preselection of nominees based on proposals received. This year the committee considered a total of 37 proposals, all of them submitted by the firm’s lawyers and staff. In the next years, also external individuals and institutions will be invited to apply for the Peter Raue Preis or to submit suggestions.

The Peter Raue Preis 2021 will be presented to the project managers of Hangarmusik in our office rooms on 3 November 2021.

(21 October 2021)