Peter Raue Prize 2022 goes to Netzwerk Chancen

The commercial law firm Raue is awarding the Peter Raue Prize 2022 to the nationwide project „Netzwerk Chancen“ (Network Opportunities). The Peter Raue Prize, endowed with 10,000 Euros, supports individuals or institutions that are exemplary for their social, civic or cultural commitment and use the prize money for this commitment.

“The partnership recognizes „Netzwerk Chancen“ as an exemplary initiative for social commitment and social diversity,” explains Dr. Wolfram Hertel, managing partner at Raue. Access to education and networks is essential for a successful professional life, but not everyone has the same starting conditions. This is where the „Netzwerk Chancen“ project comes in, bringing young people from financially weak and non-academic families together with companies to overcome social hurdles. “In this way, Netzwerk Chancen makes the promotional ideas of the Peter Raue Award come true in an ideal way,” adds Dr. Hertel.

With the Peter Raue prize the Kanzlei takes up the values, which distinguish the name donating partner Peter Raue. The naming of the prize is intended to honor Peter Raue’s outstanding and exemplary work as a citizen of the city of Berlin, as a lawyer and as a promoter of the arts and the common good. The first winner of the Peter Raue Prize last year was Hangarmusik, an initiative that provides musical experiences for young people in or from refugee camps in Greece.

The annual prize winner is chosen by the partners of the Raue law firm from three candidates. A five-member Peter Raue Prize Committee, made up of a cross-section of the firm’s employees, is responsible for the pre-selection. This year, for the first time, external persons and institutions were also able to propose candidates for the Peter Raue Prize. From the 50 or so nominations received, the projects GrundGesetzVerstehen  (Understanding Basic Law) and Kulturleben Berlin (Cultural Life Berlin) qualified for the pre-selection in addition to Netzwerk Chancen.

The Peter Raue Award 2022 was presented to the team of Netzwerk Chancen on 10. November 2022 in our offices.

(24 October 2022)