Raue LLP Advises the Helix Group on the Establishment of a Non-Profit Crypto Foundation – the Helix Foundation

Raue LLP has advised Berlin-based Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH on the establishment of the non-profit Helix Foundation. The Helix Foundation is one of the very few crypto foundations in Germany.

Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH, founded by Oliver and Marcel Fohrmann, is active in the field of Distributed-Ledger-Technology. It has developed a peer-to-peer network, the HelixTangle, which – unlike common Blockchains – is based on a so-called Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and provides a scalable platform for the efficient exchange of information and data. The HelixTangle is therefore particularly suitable for communication between machines and for use in the Internet of Things.

Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH has established the non-profit Helix Foundation to spread and impart knowledge about Distributed-Ledger-Technologies. As a so-called hybrid foundation, the Helix Foundation has both a consumable and non-consumable endowment. An essential part of the endowment of the foundation are crypto-tokens.

The purpose of the Helix Foundation is to promote the advancement of science and research, especially in the field of computer science and cognitive science as well as the advancement of education, especially in the field of digitization and application of modern software. The Foundation pursues these purposes primarily by further developing and providing access to open source Distributed-Ledger-Technologies such as the HelixTangle.

The non-profit status of the Helix Foundation was recognized and certified by the competent Berlin Tax Office in July 2018.

(3 September 2018)