Raue Advises on the Project Development “Das Neue Gartenfeld” in Berlin-Spandau

Raue has comprehensively advised the planning consortium “Das Neue Gartenfeld” on the legal planning for the model quarter of the future Das Neue Gartenfeld in Berlin-Spandau. For this purpose, ENGIE Deutschland and GASAG are forming a joint venture and investing a double-digit million sum in the development of sustainable solutions for energy, mobility and digitalisation. Both energy service providers have now signed the contract for the realisation of the new Gartenfeld district with the developers, Planungsgemeinschaft Das Neue Gartenfeld GmbH & Co.KG. The development plan is expected to be approved at the end of 2022.

The Das Neue Gartenfeld quarter in Berlin-Spandau is being built on a former cable production site and will provide living and commercial space for over 10,000 people. Over 3,700 flats, 600 commercial units and extensive communal areas and facilities will be built on an area of around 31 hectares. As an independent “Quartierswerk Gartenfeld”, the two energy service providers ENGIE Deutschland and GASAG will not only plan, build and operate the efficient energy supply, but also offer comprehensive utility services for modern, urban living in a “smart city”. Sustainable electricity, heating and cooling supply will be implemented, as well as service water management, e-charging solutions, parking management, sharing offers and a neighbourhood app. The New Garden Field will be ten years ahead of the climate targets set by the German government for 2040 thanks to its synergetic approach, sustainable energy supply and digitalisation. The planning consortium for Das Neue Gartenfeld, consists of the developers UTB Projektmanagement GmbH, BUWOG, Baugenossenschaft BeGeno16 eG, Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Am Ostseeplatz eG and Jula GmbH.

Raue initially advised the planning consortium “Das Neue Gartenfeld” on the implementation of the structured bidding process as well as on the subsequent contract negotiations.

(2 December 2021)

f.l.t.r.: Georg Friedrichs, CEO GASAG; Eva Weiß, Director BUWOG; Dr. Bettina Tugendreich, Partner Raue; Annette Feißel, Partner Raue; Thomas Bestgen, Director UTB Projektmanagement GmbH; Manfred Schmitz, CEO ENGIE Germany; State Secretary Dr. Frank Nägele. Photo: @Andreas Schwarz