The practice group for family law and inheritance law at Raue was formed in 1978. Private individuals, families, and family-owned enterprises all benefit from our decades of experience. We lend support to our clients in all legal matters wherever conflicts within the family need to be resolved – be they disputes between spouses or between generations. We assist our clients in finding the solutions that are right for them, and we will protect their interests in both settlement negotiations and in court. Where matters of inheritance law are concerned, we will help with succession planning, structuring and drafting wills, and distributing the inheritance among co-heirs. In all of these fields, we will duly consider tax aspects as well as the needs of any business enterprises that may be involved.

Focus areas

  • Structuring and notarization of pre-nuptial agreements
  • Drafting and notarization of post-divorce agreements
  • Arrangements for separation and divorce, before the courts and out of court
  • Legal disputes concerning the equalization of accrued gains and statutory maintenance
  • Distribution of assets
  • Matters of child custody, child support, and right of access
  • Drafting and notarization of wills
  • Succession planning of family-owned enterprises
  • Distribution of an inheritance among co-heirs and liquidation of family-owned companies