For many years, Raue has been advising companies and entrepreneurs who are pioneers of digital change in their fields. In multidisciplinary teams we support them in transactions, the design of new business models, the implementation of compliance measures, and in disputes with authorities and competitors. Our clients include platform operators, rights owners and users of digital content, network operators as well as manufacturers, traders and industrial companies with digitized business activities.

Based on our full-service consulting approach, we set out the legal framework for new business ideas, support digital transformation and assist clients in the further development of their going concerns with customized and flexible solutions. For recurring legal issues we can utilize standardized consulting products in a cost-effective manner. We maintain focus on the special challenges of the digital economy, including questions of research and development, procurement and distribution, licensing and outsourcing, and the legal framework provided by competition and tax law.

Our consulting services include

  • Advice on the protection and exploitation of intellectual property
  • Advice on the design of online offers with regard to competition and antitrust law requirements
  • Drafting of general terms and conditions as well as the individual contracts required for the respective business model
  • Advice on the consumer protection law requirements for the design of an online presence, including product labelling law
  • Data protection and telecommunications law
  • Financial supervisory requirements for payment processing
  • Structuring and implementation of venture capital financing



  • Advice with regard to the use and protection of intellectual property essential to the business model
  • Drafting contracts (contracts with suppliers and service providers, general terms and conditions)
  • Advising eCommerce companies with regard to legal requirements of consumer protection law and in particular environmental and product labelling law
  • Advice on warnings from competitors and consumer associations, representation in administrative and court proceedings

Venture Capital and Start-ups

  • Advice for high-growth companies in all phases from foundation to exit
  • Extensive transaction experience in advising leading companies in numerous industries such as eCommerce, Tech, FinTech, InsurTech, Edu-Tech, Energy, Health Care, MedTech, PropTech etc.
  • Advice to venture capital funds, business angels and family offices
  • Structuring and implementation of financing rounds, convertible loans, employee participation models and joint ventures

Data Protection Law

  • Advice on data protection compliance, including the preparation of data protection documentation and contracts
  • Representation towards regulatory authorities

IT Law

  • Consulting on hard- and software projects
  • Representation in court and arbitration proceedings relating to IT law issues

Antitrust Law

  • Advice on the antitrust law aspects of B2C and B2B online platforms and multilateral markets
  • Advice on the antitrust law-compliant implementation of distribution systems including online sales and procurement

Telecommunications Law

  • Regulation of business models of the digital economy, including Internet-based platforms and networks, intelligent traffic systems and OTT services
  • Telecommunications law advice on the “Internet of Things” (smart home, machine-to-machine communication, connected cars, eHealth)
  • Prioritisation of data in Internet-based transmission (net neutrality, zero rating), digital energy services (smart grids, smart metering), modernization of administration (eGovernment)

Financial Supervision Law

  • Advice on payment processing via online platforms and the integration of payment service providers in financial transfer transactions requiring authorisation
  • Advice on the requirements of the Money Laundering Act (MLA) and in particular on the implementation of KYC obligations
  • Advice on the implementation of crowdfunding projects, taking into account the special regulations on swarm financing
  • Advice on the integration of block chain technology for handling new business models, on the design of tokens with different functionalities and, in particular, on the financial supervisory framework for ICOs
  • Legal representation in official proceedings, in particular for obtaining BaFin licenses and the preparation of VIB and WIB as well as securities prospectuses

Tax Law

  • Advice on financing
  • Consulting on tax-neutral contribution of software/IP rights
  • Advice on double-deck structure
  • Tax-optimized employee participation
  • Advice on blockchain