A Pizza Box of Electricity – Raue LLP Advises enyway on the Energy Revolution for All

Raue LLP advised the Hamburg-based company enyway on the development and design of its latest offering “Change”. Following the company’s first step to purchase energy directly from the producer for every citizen via an online platform, enyway is now going one step further and enabling consumers to participate in its own energy production.

Starting with a one-time contribution of 39 euros, everyone can help to ensure that a solar system is realised and then benefit from solar power generation.

The core of enyway change is the idea of realizing large solar systems together with the help of many private individuals who simultaneously consume the generated solar power at home. The solar modules will be divided into virtual mini packages, for example the size of pizza boxes, using innovative blockchain technology to make them transparent and tamper-proof.

With the purchase of a solar system package, every customer not only receives the solar power from his own share, but also the right to purchase the entire green power for his home at the purchase price. This model eliminates the need for traditional power generators and intermediaries for enyway customers and the associated costs. Operation and maintenance of the plant as well as contract processing are taken over by enyway.

The newly built solar systems pay off without EEG subsidies, i.e. completely without subsidies.

Raue LLP advised enyway on the conceptual development of enyway “Change”, the contractual design and the regulatory requirements. Raue already advised enyway on its foundation last year. On 16 November 2017, the company went live with an online marketplace enabling consumers to purchase clean electricity directly from the producer.

(8 November 2018)