Raue LLP Advises Investor on Series A Financing Round for TwentyBN led by Microsoft Ventures

Raue LLP advised investor Creative Edge Ventures on a Series A financing round of Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH (TwentyBN). The lead investor in this financing round is the Microsoft Venture Capital Fund M12, which together with Coparion, Creative Edge Ventures and MFV Partners is investing a total of USD 10 million in the company. Raue LLP had already advised Creative Edge Ventures on its original investment in TwentyBN as seed investor.

TwentyBN creates an artificial intelligence system that interacts with humans as they “look at” them – so they can understand their behavior, their environment, and the context of the interaction. This artificial intelligence (AI) allows people to interact with technology and each other in new and exciting ways that will affect every aspect of our lives, from our workplaces to our homes to the interiors of our vehicles.

At the core of TwentyBN system is the company’s crowd acting platform that allows people to engage with AI and teach AI about everyday aspects of our lives and our physical world. Through crowd acting, TwentyBN currently hosts the world’s largest industry dataset with over 2 million video clips. When combining the data with the company’s deep learning networks, TwentyBN solutions provide a human-like “awareness” of everyday scenes and situations – through nothing more than an RGB camera. Customers can license TwentyBN’s technology to quickly build and deploy their own solutions into the real world.

TwentyBN was founded in May 2015 by Prof. Dr. Roland Memisevic, Dr. Ingo Bax, Dr. Florian Hoppe and Dr. Christian Thurau. TwentyBN has its operational headquarters in Berlin and a research site in Toronto.

(27 September 2018)