GASAG Prevails with Raue in Gas Concession Dispute Before Higher Regional Court of Berlin

Raue has won an important victory for GASAG in the dispute over the concession for the Berlin gas network. The state of Berlin wants to nationalize the Berlin gas network and award the concession to the state-owned company Berlin Energie. Currently the concession is held by GASAG. Already in 2014, the Berlin Regional Court (Landgericht) ruled that Berlin’s selection decision was unlawful. The Higher Court of Berlin (Kammergericht) has now cupheld the decision of the Berlin Regional Court and dismissed the appeal by the state of Berlin at the end of the oral hearing on 4 April 2019. The Federal Court of Justice had previously also rejected the third party intervention of Berlin Energie due to a lack of party status in an interim dispute.

Raue has represented GASAG and NBB from the outset in the tender process and in the preceding lawsuits before the Regional Court, the Higher Regional Court, and the Federal Court of Justice.

(5 April 2019)